Housing and Real-Estate Law

The Moriarty Law Firm handles all aspects of Housing and Real Estate Law

If you have received a notice to quit, you need to take action. The process of eviction is complicated and the Moriarty Law Firm can help. If you are being evicted let our firm help you defend your rights.

Landlord Tenant Disputes
Has your landlord entered your apartment without your permission, or shut off your utilities? We can help you get compensation for your troubles and force your landlord to follow the law. 

Uninhabitable Conditions
Has your landlord failed to provide you with habitable conditions? Is there mold, inadequate insulation, lead paint, broken windows, water leaking, infestation, or any other conditions that limit your ability to enjoy your home? Let the Moriarty Law Firm help you deal with the landlord and get you compensation for you loss of enjoyment in your rental.

If your bank has begun the process of foreclosing on your home, you need to act quickly. We can help negotiate with the bank for a modification, prevent the foreclosure, or help prevent a post-foreclosure eviction.

Purchase and Sale of Residential Property
In a real estate transaction, both the buyer and seller should be represented by an attorney. If you are buying or selling a home, have someone on your side. Let our firm represent your interests and make sure you are not taken advantage of.